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Since its inception in 2002 when Shri Bajrang Power & Ispat Ltd. entered the world of steel business by setting up its first company.The company has not looked back since. Today it has become one of the major producers of Steel and its products in Central India. We attribute every bit of its success to the values we have believed in and stood by. At an elementary level, we work on the foundation of trust which is what we instill in all our stakeholders. Trust, that every product or service we provide is uncompromised and is of highest quality.

To maintain this trust in every challenging situation, the only sustainable way to run a business is to innovate. We believe the onus and responsibility rests with Groups like ours. In Shri Bajrang Power & Ispat Ltd. innovation is not present just in the process and practices but also in the mindset. In many ways, innovation is built in our DNA. And it is this strand of our DNA that helps us stay focused and concerned about the world we live in. For we believe it is our responsibility to give back to

Mother Earth what we take from her. That is why at Shri Bajrang Power & Ispat Ltd. we proactively innovate to ensure our products are environment friendly.

In the last three decades, we have grown in leaps and bounds and such gigantic leaps within a span of just 3 decades have only been possible due to the strong foundation we stand upon. We also diversified into various other businesses like Power, Ferro Alloys, Education, Media & Digital Marketing. If today we boast being a leading group in central India, it is because of our single minded focus to produce quality products and provide best in Industry services.

Last but not the least, we believe that it’s our employees who make our company and we attribute every bit of our success to our employees who have adopted our vision and have adhered to the philosophy of Shri Bajrang Power & Ispat Ltd. to turn it into a formidable force that is ready to take on any challenge.